Dave Asprey Limited Edition Box

Plus a preview of the Virtual Biohacking Conference

Wellthy adjective - characterized by focusing on good habits to make it easier to make healthy choices to have a balanced, healthy life that includes enjoying simple pleasures without guilt.

In a previous newsletter, I wrote about my favorite subscription box. Dave Asprey’s biohacking boxes are always full of goodies and provide excellent value. In conjunction with the 2021 Virtual Biohacking Conference, Dave put together a limited edition box with the theme of Recharge Your Cells & Upgrade Your Life. This box costs $200, which is double the price of the standard boxes. Is it worth it? Let’s find out.

According to Dave, there are eight categories for wellness:

  1. Beauty

  2. Weight Loss

  3. Light Therapy

  4. Fitness

  5. Circadian Health

  6. Home Care

  7. EMF Protection

  8. Supplements

There are nine items included in this box, which includes a booklet that provides information for each product (used for reference). Note: Some links below are affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Neurosculpting Induction Meditation (Value: $250 live session)

The Neurosculpting Institute was founded by Lisa Wimberger. Neurosculpting is a meditation process that uses self-directed neuroplasticity to support brain repatterning. I downloaded the free guided meditation on the Neurosculpting Institute website. It is similar to other meditations that I have tried, but it is only an introduction to the full techniques offered by the Neurosculpting Institute. Included with the box is access to a one-hour live call that Lisa will have with Dave later in the month to walk through the full five-step Neurosculpting process. These sessions can cost up to $250. I put meditation in the same category as exercise. I know it’s a healthy practice, and I should be doing it more, but I make excuses for why I don’t prioritize it. This was a good reminder that mindfulness is an important practice. You can listen to Dave Asprey’s interview with Lisa Wimberger on Bulletproof Radio Episode 771.

Energy Scarlet Lux from TrueLight (Value: $139)

Dave Asprey’s company Truedark offers many products to help block junk light. The TrueLight product line offers a variety of light therapy devices. In a previous newsletter, I wrote about how I have used red light therapy. The Energy Scarlet Lux is a brand-new device that’s not available for purchase; the only way to get it right now is in this box. UPDATE: It’s now available on the Truedark website. All TrueLight light therapy devices have the same functionality: 4 different LED wavelengths, including two different red wavelengths (recovery and rejuvenation, near-infrared (deeper healing), and yellow (skin and detox). The devices also operate in steady (pain relief) or pulsating (healing) mode. You can find more information about these products at Truedark (affiliate link).

Nasal Inhalers from Tru47 (Value: $32)

The box contains two nasal inhalers from Tru47. One is Immune Boost, and the other is Stress Less. These inhalers contain a proprietary blend of pure organic essential oils and colloidal silver. Colloidal silver has been used as a powerful protectant for centuries and has been shown to help stave off the growth of bacteria, viruses, and germs. I was out and about and returned home only to find my nose was running for some reason. I grabbed the Immune Boost inhaler and took a couple of shots up each nostril. It was not overpowering, and my nose was right back to normal in a few minutes. Tru47 offers various silver-infused products designed to kill germs, fungi, viruses, and bacteria without harsh chemicals or alcohol.

Mitopure from Timeline Nutrition (Value: $33)

Mitopure is a supplement that contains a unique compound called Urolithin A. Urolithin A activates mitophagy—autophagy inside your mitochondria. Autophagy is the body’s way of cleaning out cells by replacing old or damaged parts with brand new parts. The precursors for your body to make Urolithin A naturally are found in pomegranates and berries, but many people cannot make the compound in meaningful amounts. Mitopure is the first clinically-backed, purified form of Urolithin A available to the general public. The box includes ten packets of powder and a recipe book. I’m looking forward to sampling Mitopure and upgrading my mitochondria. You can find more information on the company’s website. You can also listen to Dave Asprey’s interview with the founders of Timeline Nutrition on Bulletproof Radio Episode 772.

Air Tube Earbuds from DefenderShield (Value: $80)

I use a wireless headset every day for work calls. I use my AirPods to listen to audiobooks, podcasts, or music when I’m on the go. The problem with all these wireless devices is that they produce electromagnetic radiation (EMF). We don’t have enough information to know the long-term consequences of prolonged exposure to EMF signals. When you use Bluetooth earbuds like AirPods, the two units have to send signals to each other to stay in sync. Those signals are passing directly through your brain. Now that I think about it, that’s not a very good idea. The good news is that companies like DefenderShield are creating products to help minimize or eliminate EMF exposure. The Air Tube Earbuds use hollow tubes from the earbuds to inline speakers to minimize EMF exposure to the ears and head. The package includes three sizes of tips to fit any ear. How do they sound? I resurrected one of my previous iPhones with a headphone jack because I couldn’t find my adapter. I’m not an audiophile, but these earbuds sound great! I’ve also used them for calls, and people tell me they can hear me loud and clear. I actually went to the Apple Store to buy an adapter to start using these earbuds instead of my wireless headphones or AirPods. The company also offers over-ear headphones. You can find more information on DefenderShield’s website.

TravelProtect with BLIS K12 from BLIS Probiotics ($18)

BLIS probiotics have advanced probiotic strains that provide health and immune benefits to the oral cavity. These lozenges have probiotics that improve the ratio of good to bad bacteria in the mouth and throat. This helps create an immune response that puts your immune system on alert if you are in situations where you might encounter a lot of new germs. Anything we can do to strengthen our immune systems naturally is a good thing. You can find all of the company’s products on Amazon.

Mindful Marks Upgrade Pack from Lumenkind (Value: $20)

Mindful Marks are temporary wearable tattoos that you can use to remind yourself of specific intentions and draw your attention to the present moment. The low-tech version of this is tying a string around your finger or putting a rubber band around your wrist. The marks are made from skin-safe, vegetable inks that fade away after a few days. I applied one to my wrist and set the intention of gratitude to remind myself to be grateful every time I see it. Mindful Marks come in a variety of colors and designs and make unique gift ideas. You can find different packs on Amazon.

Silver Oxide Infusion Spray from 3rd Rock Essentials ($16)

“If you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, why on Earth would you put it on your skin?”

This is a quote from Guerry Grune, Ph.D., founder of 3rd Rock Essential. Your skin is your largest organ, and it absorbs whatever you put on it. Many personal care products contain harmful substances, including endocrine disruptors, parabens, and petroleum-derived chemicals. 3rd Rock Essentials creates innovative products that use safe, food-grade ingredients. The Silver Oxide Infusion Spray uses a chelated silver oxide complex. Both this form and colloidal silver have powerful anti-microbial/bacterial effects that will not harm the beneficial bacteria in your gut microbiome. You can take the spray orally as well as use it to sanitize surfaces. Why use harsh chemicals when natural solutions get the job done safely and effectively?

Coffee Bean Elixir from Primal Life Organics (Value: $60)

I will admit when I think of self-care, facial skincare is not high on my list. Still, if there is something easy I can do to minimize or eliminate dark circles, puffy eyes, or dry skin, why not try it? Primal Life Organics offers a variety of healthy personal care products. The Coffee Bean Elixir contains a blend of vitamins, essential fatty acids, and anti-aging ingredients like squalene that revive your skin for a youthful, hydrated glow. The Arabica coffee seed and Argan oils will help improve uneven skin tone and balance the natural oils in your skin. I’ve only used it for a couple of days, but I’m willing to give it a try and see the results.


Every box features a GOLDEN TICKET item that is given away to a few subscribers. One lucky purchaser of this box will win an Amplify II Sauna from Sunlighten. You know a product is pricey when they don’t even list the price on the website. Whoever is lucky enough to win this prize will be sweating out those toxins in a state-of-the-art sauna built for two right at home!

Total Value: $648

According to Dave, the total value of this box is near $650. It’s absolutely true! Biohacking can get expensive, but it’s possible to do it on a budget if you find the right resources. If you want to buy this limited edition box, you can purchase it on the Virtual Biohacking Conference website. If you are interested in receiving a box every three months, the Dave Asprey Box is an excellent introduction to biohacking and delivers on the promise of providing tremendous value for your money. By the way, I’m not getting paid for this endorsement or sign-ups. I’m just a big fan.

Virtual Biohacking Conference

We are less than a week away from the Virtual Biohacking Conference on May 8, 2021. Last year was the first year that the conference was held virtually due to the pandemic. I attended the October conference and wrote about that in a previous newsletter. The agenda lists so many great speakers and topics. If you are ready to take charge of your health and learn from the best, this is the conference for you. If you can’t make it, I’ve got you covered. I’ll be attending the conference and providing my full write-up in next week’s newsletter.

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