October 2020 Summary

Month 1 of Be Wellthy in the books

This was an exciting month for me because on October 1, 2020, I launched the Be Wellthy newsletter.

The first article explained the concept of this newsletter.

What does it mean to be wellthy?

The second article discussed one of the most important topics for health—sleep. The topic of sleep isn’t glamorous, but sleep is extremely important and the foundation to be wellthy.

Start with sleep

The third article was a recap of the virtual Biohacking Conference. The main topic was how to stay resilient. I explained the concept of biohacking and wrote about one of my all-time favorite biohacks: Bulletproof Coffee.

Virtual Biohacking Conference 2020 Recap

The fourth article was a playful approach to discussing nutrition with some eye-opening facts about sugary drinks.

Which is better, a Coke or a Snickers?

The fifth article was a summary of my history (or lack thereof) with physical activity and exercise and my recommendation for the one type of exercise I have sustained longer than any other.

The one exercise practice I’ve maintained for a year

Sadly, we lost another icon this year. Rest in peace, Mr. Bond.

Sean Connery 1930 - 2020

Happy Halloween everyone! According to federal traffic data, an estimated 50 percent of all fatal motor vehicle accidents that occur on Halloween involve an alcohol-impaired driver. This makes fatal drunk-driving crashes more likely on Halloween than New Year’s Eve!

Be safe everyone. And of course, be wellthy.

I’ll see you in November.

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